Sinchon 신촌 at dusk

Sinchon 신천 at dusk

There are moments where i could kick myself for not having a better photo equipment here in Seoul. One of these moments was today, when a gloomy dusk was approaching in Sinchon. Really a great vibe with the sky breaking the clouds and the colorful neon signs of the streets! So i tried my best to catch the atmosphere and i want to share some impressions with you. Hope you like it 🙂

Sinchon 신촌 at dusk

Sinchon 신촌 at dusk

Sinchon 신촌 at dusk

Sinchon 신촌 at dusk

Sinchon 신촌 at dusk

Sinchon 신촌 at dusk

Sinchon 신촌 at dusk

Sinchon 신촌 at dusk

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  1. Kimberly says:

    I see that you’ve taken the ‘lots of photos’ thing to heart. Thank you 🙂

    There are advertisements and shops everywhere you go. Where in the city do people live then? The alleyways seem so narrow and poorly lit … looks kind of shady =/
    I’m from Australia where people predominantly live suburban lives, like in homes with a front garden and a large back yard on wide streets (we have very few alleyways). Have you heard of the Australian Dream? (It’s an unspoken belief in Australia about having your own house to call a home.) So I don’t really understand metropolitan city life like in Seoul. That’s why Seoul in South Korea and your blog interests me so much. And that’s why I like looking at the photos you take of city life. They really do seem to capture the mood. ^^

    Btw, I was just wondering, if Sinchon is a neighborhood in the Seodaemun district, how long does it take to get to other districts? Like by bus, subway, walk etc or whatever mode of transport you usually take. Everything in the Seoul looks so condensed, so this question just tickles my curiosity 🙂

  2. Mika says:

    Yeah, advertisement and shop are truly everywhere. Space is really limited here in Seoul, so usually people don’t live in big houses with big garden. Or you have lots of money, so you could afford something like this here. Of course it is different if you go outside Seoul into the smaller cities, where most people have houses because it is way cheaper out there.. you can compare Seoul pretty much with the center of Sydney with less high buildings.. i also lived there for half a year (corner Sussex Street / Liverpool Street) so i think there is not such a huge difference in my opinion.. just big city life 😉

    I will think of you when i go to the less crowded areas of Seoul and i will take more pictures and show them here 🙂

    I have no idea where the Seodaemun district is but i could ask. Generally people are using the subway and buses here. It might look condensed but still Seoul is huuuugeee so for example if i want to pick up my girlfriend from work i need to take the subway for one hour to get there.. and i would be still in the middle of Seoul 😉 Seoul is just really, really huge.. i guess 20 Million people are living here.. so 3 times more than in Austria, haha 😀 Just in one city.. unbelievable..

    I have prepared some pictures about the Seoul Metro too, so there will be a blog post about it in the near future, hehe..

    Cheers Mika

  3. Mika says:

    The Seodaemun district is approximately 10 minutes away from Sinchon with the bus 🙂 Hope that helps..

  4. Kimberly says:

    Wow, you seem to travel a lot. Why Sydney and Seoul?

    And you’re right, it’s only like that in the very centre of Sydney. But as you get further away, like less than half an hour out by train, all you see are apartments and houses. And unfortunately there are very few interesting places to go to. Whereas in Seoul, as you say, if you travel an hour by subway, you’ll still be in the middle of Seoul. To still be in the heart of the city after traveling for an hour, now that’s awesome! 🙂
    I live in south-western Sydney (ironically in a council area called Liverpool – LOL!) and where I live, there are only apartments and homes. It gets very boring. Sadly, all the best places to hang out are in the CBD.

    20 million people in Seoul alone?! That’s pretty amazing. And I never knew Austria had a such a small population. I’ve always assumed it was a large country in terms of population like neighbouring countries, Germany, Italy etc.

    Sinchon at dusk looks really fun. Do the shops remain open late into the night like in other parts of Seoul or is it generally a quiet area? Btw, I think Sinchon is in Seodaemun, but I might be wrong.

    Looking forward to your post on the Seoul Metro 😉
    Regards, Kimberly

  5. Mika says:

    Sydney just as a travel experience and Seoul because my girlfriend is living here 😉 I do believe that traveling is great to broaden one’s horizons and to meet new people! Now thinking back of Sydney makes me think of my good old times there.. *sigh* i truly miss Sydney, had such a blast there! One day i will come back for sure..

    May i ask you what is your interest in Korea? Are you thinking of coming here for a while too? Working here? Studying? Or just as a holiday trip?

    Cheers Mika

  6. Kimberly says:

    To tell you the truth, I’m not too sure what makes Korea so intriguing. Maybe it’s the idea that Korean culture seems unique in all aspects (like every other culture I might add). It just happens that I came across Korean culture.

    Yes I do plan to travel to Korea. Possibly even live and study in Korea. But I also plan on traveling to other countries too. After all, I have a life time to do so. 🙂
    Just like like you, I love to meet new people and aim to expand my horizons.

  7. Mika says:

    That sounds awesome 🙂 Good luck with your plans! I will cross my fingers for you that they will work out.. Priceless experience to live here for a while!

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