Opposites attract – Love Motel next to a church

Sinchon Love Motel next to a Church

Sinchon is a notoriously well known area if you want to do some shopping, eat out, drink a beer in a pub or party hard in one of its clubs during the night. Of course you don’t need to look hard for a love motel here if you are up for more 😛 I guess that is the real reason why this area is called Sin-Chon 😀 But i was always wondering a little bit why there are so many churches located here in Sinchon. One church that catched my attention was this one, which is right next to a love motel.

Sinchon Love Motel at night

Especially at night this looks awesome because the cross is glaring in this evil red color. You can truly feel the sin that’s happening in this love motel 😀 ㅋㅋㅋ

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  1. Edwin says:

    i remember my friend whose lives in a hasookjib in sinchon….her neighbors are all motels….

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