Most delicious Gogi Mandu in Sinchon

Gogi Mandu in Sinchon

Today i had no time for big dinning out so i decided to stop by my favorite gogi mandu place and quickly grab my dinner for tonight. Gogi mandu are meat dumplings very similar to Polish pierogi. Of course there are also different kinds of mandu (like kimchi mandu) but i prefer the meat ones! They are tasty and really, really cheap!

Gogi Mandu in Sinchon

Gogi Mandu ( 고기만두 ) costs 1,500 Won per portion what is approximately 1 Euro. But because i am a big boy i am always ordering two portions 😀

Gogi Mandu in Sinchon

After telling my well learnt sentence “안녕하세요. 고기만두 두 개 주세요” the old woman immediately starts to heat up the gogi mandu. It really looks like a kitchen, just outside on the street 😀

Gogi Mandu in Sinchon

Being back at home, just unpacking, putting some soy sauce over them and ready to eat. Sooooo yummy! Gogi Mandu is definitely something i will never feel sick of 😀 히히히..

If you want to try this great gogi mandu in Sinchon as well, just exit the subway exit number 5 and you will see it immediately on the right side. You can’t miss! Enjoy!

2 Comments on "Most delicious Gogi Mandu in Sinchon"

  1. Kimberly says:

    Haha, it looks delicious. The way you arranged it on the plate adds to its appeal 😀
    Although I’ve got to say that Gogi Mandu is the most random blog name I’ve heard of yet. But I like it!


  2. Mika says:

    Thx, they are not only looking delicious, they truly are 🙂 A colleague from Yonsei University tried it also after reading my blog post and agreed that they are really delicious! Best in Sinchon! 😀

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