I love going to the cinema in Korea..

.. because of two reasons! First, you can watch all the latest movies immediately and you don’t need to wait for half a year til they hit the cinemas unlike in Europa sometimes. That’s of course because of the second reason because Korea doesn’t dub Western movies in Korean. Instead there are putting Subtitles to the movies. I’ve heard / read that some people are annoyed because of that, but come on, you are abroad and i don’t think you would enjoy watching the movie with a Korean dub 😛 Just saying..

In Time 인 타임

So last week i went to see “In Time” (인 타임), a SciFi Thriller with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, where people in the near future stop aging at 25 and are supposed to live forever. The currency is time, so if you are rich you are supposed to live forever and if you are poor, you die young. I loved the idea and i was really looking forward to see the movie as soon as possible. Unfortunately the movie wasn’t as good as i hoped it will be, but still it was a entertaining one. In my opinion they screwed up the end and didn’t make more out of the very interesting idea..

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