Eating 갈매기살 at 서래

Seorae 서래 in Sinchon

My first two day of my Language Course at Yonsei are done and finally i had some time to go out and eat something delicious again. This time we choosed to go to Seorae ( 서래 ) to eat some delicious 갈매기살 and 껍데기.

Sinchon at night

Seorae 서래 Queue

Seorae 서래 Inside

Seorae 서래 Inside

It is not so easy to get a table there immediately, especially at night when Sinchon is packed with tons of people! So most of the times you signup on a waiting list and wait until they shout your name. We were lucky, just a few minutes later we got our table and ordered 갈매기살 and 껍데기!

Galmaegisal 갈매기살 and ggeobdegi 껍데기

Galmaegisal 갈매기살 and ggeobdegi 껍데기

Galmaegisal 갈매기살 and ggeobdegi 껍데기

Like most of the times you are preparing the food by yourself. My both lovely ladies took good care of the meat and roasted it well over an open flame. Honestly, i wasn’t that much into the ggeobdegi 껍데기 which is the skin of a pig. It was pretty chewy and kinda sweet. Luckily Sunjin liked it a lot, so she took care of it the most! 😀

Galmaegisal 갈매기살

Otherwise i liked the Galmaegisal ( 갈매기살 ) a lot. You grab a piece of galbisal, put into a sauce with onions and eat it. Soooo delicious!

Makgeolli 막걸리

It was friday night, no work for the girls and no university for me on the next day, so we decided to drink Makgeolli ( 막걸리 ) which fits perfectly together with the 갈매기살! We had really a nice and fun evening so i wanna say a big thank you to Sujin and Sunjin to be my company again!

Mika says: Both thumbs up again! Seorae ( 서래 ) is a great place if you like to eat well and have a good time. But don’t come here if you are in the mood for talking a lot and having deeper conversations because it is really, really loud inside. The meat is truly good, especially the 갈매기살! Very Yummy! The food is also very cheap here, we paid around 27.000 Won, about 17 Euro, for three people. I was even still full on the next day and skipped breakfast ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Where to find Seorae ( 서래 ) in Sinchon:
Seorae 서래 in Sinchon with Map

Seorae ( 서래 ) Website:

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