Delicious noodle soups at Chefguksoo

Delicious noodle soups by Chefguksoo in Sinchon

Inside the Chefguksoo Restaurant

I even didn’t really started yet and I am already a lil bit afraid that my blog could quickly turn into a Korean foodie blog. I love Korean food and i love to dine out and explore all the small restaurants across the city! On friday evening we decided to go to Chefguksoo ( 셰프의 국수전 ) a noodle restaurant in the same street, where i am living at. And to come straight to the point: it was a good decision!

Delicious noodles of chef noodle soup

Spicy noodles with assorted mixtures of chef

I ordered the noodles of chef ( 셰프의 국수 ), a really delicious noodle soup. If you are not into the spicy stuff, that’s the noodle soup you should go with! The soup tasted well and i also liked the soft meat inside. Very Yummy! Sujin on the other hand ordered the noodles with assorted mixtures of chef ( 비빔국수 ) and you are right on the assumption that the red sauce was k-i-l-l-i-n-g spicy. Even she suffered after eating it ㅋㅋㅋ

Mika says: Both thumbs up, Chefguksoo in Sinchon is really a nice noodle place and offers very delicious meals for a very reasonable price. Both meals cost 6000 Won each, approximately 4 Euro. For sure one of my regular haunts for the next weeks 🙂

Where to find Chefguksoo in Sinchon?

Directions to Chefguksoo in Sinchon

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  1. Sujin says:

    Mine was especially spicy because I chose ‘spicier’. You can also choose ‘less spicy’. 🙂

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