Best Gimbap 김밥 in Seoul

Gimbap 김밥

Besides eating out almost everyday i am enjoying the privilege of great home-made food from Sujin’s mom from time to time. This time i got some really, really delicious gimbap ( 김밥 ) for dinner, perfect food if you want to study and eat something meanwhile! 맛있어요!

Gimbap 김밥

Most of you will know the Japanese “Maki” which are quite similar to the Korean “Gimbap”. Basically it is steamed white rice with various ingredients and rolled into sheets of dried laver seaweed. A very healthy snack indeed!

Unfortunately Sujin’s mom lives in Busan, so i won’t get a chance to eat more of her delicious gimbap here in Seoul for the next few weeks. I’ve tried a few gimbap places in Sinchon already but i didn’t find a real good one yet. If you know a good place where to eat tasty gimbap in Seoul, please let me know in the comments. Perhaps we could start here a small list together with great gimbap places here in Seoul, how about that?

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