Back in Seoul again..

Back in Seoul

Hey Guys! Sorry for the quiet months.. i was really busy studying for my exams and after that i left Korea already. Sorry for leaving you in the dark. Anyway, now i am back in Seoul again. Unfortunately i won’t blog anymore in English here and go with a German blog this time. I’ll keep my Tumblr Blog in English, so if you want some English stuff, please follow there 🙂 For my German readers i would love to invite you to follow my new adventures in Korea 2012 at 🙂 Sorry for this decision but my postings took too much time to write, of course i am faster with my mother language. And there is more space for a German blog about Korea than in English with all the English teachers blogging here about their life in Korea 😛 Hope you understand..

Happy to be back and rock Seoul again 😀 Yay!

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