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Mapo gung jung jok bal at Gongdeok Market

Gung jung jok bal near Gongdeok Market

Gongdeok Market Subway Line 5 Exit 5

Yesterday Sujin’s sister Sunjin was in the mood for some Gung jung jok bal, so we decided to go there all together. Gung jung jok bal ( 궁중족발 ) is some kind of a ham hock, pretty similar to a “Schweinshaxn” or “Stelze” as we call that kind of dish in Austria. I never tried this so far in Austria (shame on me, i know) but yesterday i had the chance to try the Korean version of it. So we went to Gondeok Station and went straight to the famous 마포 궁중족발!

Gung jung jok bal near Gongdeok Market

Inside the Mapo Gung jung jok bal

The place itself wasn’t really packed in the early afternoon, so we hadn’t any problems to get a table there. But don’t expect that kind of peaceful scenery when you come here at night because 궁중족발 one of the favorite dishes when you go out drinking. I remember a different market last year and we went there on the evening to eat some pancakes with Makgeolli ( 막걸리 ). We needed to wait nearly an hour to get a table. But of course the place has its own charme when it is really crowed with tons of people laughing and having a good time.

Jok bal portion

Side dish Soon dae 순대

Very delicious Soon dae Soup

Eating Gung jung jok bal and drinking beer

And here it is, a huge pile of 궁중족발 served together with Soon dae ( 순대 ) and Soon dae goog ( 순대국 ). Of course we ordered some beer and enjoy the very tasty meat. I especially liked the Soon dae soup which will be refilled without any additional cost! After we finished eating we went to explore the Gongdeok Market but i guess we should come back once again when this place is packed at night!

Gongdeok Market

Gongdeok Market

Gongdeok Market

Mika says: Both thumbs up! I enjoyed the Gung jung jok bal a lot and had a nice time there with Sujin and Sunjin. It’s pretty cheap if you consider that 4 people can easily get satisfied with that amount of food. It cost 24 Thousand Won, approximately 16 Euro. Still i would recommend you to go there at night because the atmosphere is way better then!

Where to find Mapo gung jung jok bal at Gongdeok Market?
Go with Subway Line 5 or 6 to Gongdeok Station and use Exit 5. After that go straight forward til you see the ad banner like on my first picture. Enjoy!

Directions to Mapo gung jung jok bal at Gongdeok Market

Mapo gung jung jok bal Website:

Delicious noodle soups at Chefguksoo

Delicious noodle soups by Chefguksoo in Sinchon

Inside the Chefguksoo Restaurant

I even didn’t really started yet and I am already a lil bit afraid that my blog could quickly turn into a Korean foodie blog. I love Korean food and i love to dine out and explore all the small restaurants across the city! On friday evening we decided to go to Chefguksoo ( 셰프의 국수전 ) a noodle restaurant in the same street, where i am living at. And to come straight to the point: it was a good decision!

Delicious noodles of chef noodle soup

Spicy noodles with assorted mixtures of chef

I ordered the noodles of chef ( 셰프의 국수 ), a really delicious noodle soup. If you are not into the spicy stuff, that’s the noodle soup you should go with! The soup tasted well and i also liked the soft meat inside. Very Yummy! Sujin on the other hand ordered the noodles with assorted mixtures of chef ( 비빔국수 ) and you are right on the assumption that the red sauce was k-i-l-l-i-n-g spicy. Even she suffered after eating it ㅋㅋㅋ

Mika says: Both thumbs up, Chefguksoo in Sinchon is really a nice noodle place and offers very delicious meals for a very reasonable price. Both meals cost 6000 Won each, approximately 4 Euro. For sure one of my regular haunts for the next weeks 🙂

Where to find Chefguksoo in Sinchon?

Directions to Chefguksoo in Sinchon

Chefguksoo Website:

Yay! Finally back in Seoul again!

Back in Seoul 2011

안녕하세요 and welcome to my blog about my adventures in Seoul, South Korea. It has been a long time since my last visit in 2010 and i am just happy to be back in Seoul again. I am looking forward to great 3 months and i am pretty sure they will be exciting and fun! Unlike my first time i will attend this time the Language Course of the Yonsei University for 10 weeks so i hope i will be soon able to do more than just ordering a beer and some food. Let’s see if they can teach an old dog some new tricks 😉

Arrival at Incheon Airport 2011

The journey itself was pretty easy going, no troubles at all. I was starting in Vienna, transfering in Helsinki and after nearly 15 hours i arrived at the Incheon Airport in South Korea. Truly a very convenient route because i remember traveling over 24 hours in the past when i was heading to China over Qatar in the Middle East.

The only tough thing is that you are losing one night because you are starting in Helsinki around 6pm and flying nearly 8 hours, what means that you are arriving in Seoul around 2 o’clock in the morning with your old time but in Seoul it is actually 9am in the morning. So, if you take it in a positive way it is a great chance to beat the jet lag immediately but only if you make it through the day 😀

Expensive snack at the Helsinki AirportOne thing about the Helsinki Airport: gosh, are they expensive! I was really hungry because i didn’t eat the whole day before and no breakfast in the morning either (i have a pretty weak stomache) so the small Sandwich on the flight to Helsinki didn’t please me at all. So i was deeply in the mood for a warm tomato soup and i was checking everywhere to get one. But after seeing those prices i lost my appetite! 12,50 Euro for a tomato soup? 14,50 Euro for some noodles? Are you freaking kidding me? From today i have my own name for Helsinki: “Hel-l-are-they-expsensive-sinki” 😛 At least the internet was for free, so i could spent some time doing facebook, chatting on skype and checking my emails. Though the prices are insane the airport still is really, really nice!

The first two weeks past already and i was really busy taking care of various things. Now i am just looking forward to my Language classes, which will start in a few days! Yay! Also i promise to keep my blog up-to-date and share as many of my experiences and pictures from Seoul as possible! And if you are currently hanging out or living in Seoul too and you are interested in drinking a beer with me, sharing some stories and experiences, just let me know! I am always looking forward to meet new people and expats in Seoul.